Laudio Recognized in KLAS 2022 Emerging Solutions Top 20 Report

An operations solution designed specifically for frontline managers in health systems

Best practices, workflows and personalized recommendations to help you connect with your teams in the most meaningful ways.


Designed for you and the world you’re working in

A leader operations solution that helps you discover clearer paths to achieving your goals across four key operating pillars in healthcare, including people, operations, patient experience, quality and safety.

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Leader-centric experience

Leader Standard Work made easier, faster, and more effective.

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Amplified productivity

Simplified workflows and automated processes save you time, make it easier to address competing priorities, and remove burdensome tasks from your day.

Exceptional visibility

Panoramic views across your team and the enterprise with insights that help you make decisions and take action with confidence.
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Dependable outcomes

Operationalized performance that delivers consistent improvements in employee retention, team and patient satisfaction drives organizational cost and time savings.

Learn how to amplify productivity, gain exceptional visibility and drive dependable outcomes.

Better results for you, your teams, and your organization

Organizations who use Laudio see consistently better performance when it comes to employee retention, engagement, and satisfaction. A typical healthcare system of 5 acute care facilities with 300 beds each could expect to see annual improvements like:

Nurses don't leave
$ 0 m
Annual cost savings
0 k
Manager hours saved
+ 0 %
Increase in employee engagement/satisfaction scores

$1.5 million in recruitment and retention costs saved in only 9 months

“We expect our leaders to focus on what they can control. As leaders, we can focus on developing authentic relationships with our teams. One way to do that is through recognition and appreciation. We now have a tool to help leaders do those important things like recognition and appreciation well.”

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Sondra Davis

Chief Human Resources Officer, North Mississippi Heath Services

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Ready to experience leadership in the most connected way?

Let our team show how we can help you and your teams become happier and more effective.

A better and different way to work
Personalizing and simplifying your workday

At the heart of it all, leaders deserve an easier way to remove the burden and guesswork that gets in the way of achieving people, quality, finance, and safety goals. Laudio is here to help you:

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