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Continuous Performance Management & Engagement for Health System Leaders

Build flexible, resilient teams both on-site and remote.​

Real Engagement Drives Real Results

Retrospective surveys are just too late, and don’t offer actionable impact. Using the best of healthcare’s collective leadership wisdom, coupled with the today’s AI and social engagement paradigms, Laudio provides our healthcare managers real leadership support that is changing the environment of care – reducing burnout and turnover, improving employee satisfaction, and impacting quality, safety, and patient experience.

What can you expect from continuous performance management software? For a typical healthcare system of 5 acute care facilities with 300 beds each, annual improvements include:

Nurses don't leave

Annual cost savings

Manager hours saved

Increase in employee engagement/satisfaction scores

Laudio is Loved


Solutions that Drive Real Engagement

Laudio enables “Intelligent Human Engagement” across health systems. Our continuous performance management platform provides a simple, automated approach for personalized engagement between managers and their team members based on proven leadership best practices and personal employee preferences – in real time. Explore our solutions and see how more healthcare systems are finally tackling the root cause of burnout and turnover – the issue that is driving millions in labor costs, and impacting the quality, safety, and patient experience of care.


AI-driven Technology Coupled with Predictive Data Science and Hyper-personalization

We integrate existing administrative data sources to create workforce intelligence that detects turnover risk and identifies opportunities for employee engagement that drive job satisfaction. The result – a hyper-personalized approach to collaboration and communication between managers and their team members.

See how we leverage complex science to offer simple human interactions – transforming the culture of care:

  • AI-driven Algorithms

  • Predictive Data Science

  • Hyper-personalization

AI-driven Algorithms

Laudio uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help the frontline manager be more effective. AI technology works in the background, and most managers simply discover powerful management suggestions every time they use Laudio.

Predictive Science

Laudio uses its rich workforce intelligence database to predict each staff member’s risk of turnover. Laudio takes action on identified risk, and selects the best management action based on leadership best practices. It uses the resulting outcomes to continue to improve cause and reaction triggers.


Laudio communicates uniquely and individually with each staff member based on their communication preferences, their demography, and their needs. Staff dictate their preferences – email, text, in-person meetings or other communication pathways – which maximizes the probability of engagement.

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Continuous Performance Management Software

See Laudio in Action

Request your personalized demo to see how Laudio’s continuous performance management software can transform the environment of care at your healthcare organization, and understand the potential impact on outcomes and cost savings.

About Laudio

Laudio is critical infrastructure for the healthcare workforce. The platform provides CHROs, CNOs, and frontline managers an integrated management system that fills the gap between information and action. With Laudio, health systems dramatically improve employee engagement, increase retention, and reduce burnout. The Laudio platform operationalizes proven leadership best practices and serves up proactive interventions for managers to engage with team members and address risk factors in real-time.  Leading health systems such as Sharp, UNC Health, and Boston Medical Center use Laudio to save millions annually and to reduce turnover. To learn more, visit