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Today kicks off National Nurses Week and we, at Laudio, want to thank you each and every one of you for all the incredible work you do and all the heart you put behind it. 

In celebration of National Nurses Week, we’re excited to share Laudio’s new Well-Being Spotlight series for you and your teams. 

For those of you on Laudio, you’ll find this series right on the platform to view and share whenever you want. For everyone else, we’re making the series available to you to encourage you to take a moment to breathe, stretch and reset. No sign-in or form-filling required – just a gift from us to you for all you do.

Meet your Guide – ICU Nurse, Stephanie Ottemiller, MSN, RN, CSSGB

A special thank you to the amazing nurse who led these guided mental health breaks – ICU Nurse & Associate Director of Clinical Outcomes, Stephanie Ottemiller, MSN, RN, CSSGB. She brings you 400 hours of yoga teacher training, 1,000+ hours of mindful meditation, and 23 years of yoga experience.


Wind Down for the Weekend

“Welcome home from a day (or night) of hard work. It’s time to unwind and prepare your mind and body for sleep.”  

In celebration of Nurses Week, we’re back with another video from our new Well-Being Spotlight series with ICU Nurse & Associate Director of Clinical Outcomes, Stephanie Ottemiller, MSN, RN, CSSGB.

So, how are you sleeping? We all know the negative effect that sleep loss can have on your overall health and well-being. If we can help you get even a few more restful moments before or after a shift, we’re here for you.

Team Huddle

Want to kick off your workday extending your empathy and compassion to those around you and beyond? 

Join Stephanie Ottemiller, MSN, RN, CSSGB for this 5-minute guided meditation.  Did you know that meditation can benefit both your emotional well-being and your overall health?  This is a quick, easy read from Mayo Clinic does a nice job outlining the calm, peace and balance you can find through meditation.

Stretch Time

Back pain? Limited range of motion? Muscle tension and stiffness? With your busy (and sometimes relentless) workdays, your body may be holding onto that stress well beyond when your shift is over.

In this 7-minute video, ICU nurse Stephanie Ottemiller, MSN, RN, CSSGB takes you through some simple, easy-to-incorporate daily stretches that can help relieve and prevent that pain.

Time to Breathe

If you find yourself in need of immediate stress relief, we’ve got just the right thing for you. Find a comfortable space and listen in to this 5-minute meditation from our Well-Being Spotlight series guide and ICU nurse, Stephanie Ottemiller, MSN, RN, CSSGB.

Ground yourself with just a few moments of deep breathing and be on your way.

Feel-Good Yoga

Whether it’s today, this weekend or some time in the future, we hope you’ll find some time to take this 20-minute Feel-Good Yoga class with fellow nurse Stephanie Ottemiller, MSN, RN, CSSGB. According to Harvard Medical (amongst many others), yoga can help bring calm and mindfulness to your busy life.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Well-Being Spotlight series!  Feel free to bookmark the full series here and make use of it throughout your year.  

Every week should be National Nurses Week because you deserve the extra thanks and attention.  Thank you! 

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