Laudio Recognized in KLAS 2022 Emerging Solutions Top 20 Report

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At Laudio, we love celebrating National Nurses Week 2019 (#nursesweek) and celebrating the profession we believe makes the most impact in healthcare delivery. But what we love even more is how our platform approaches every week like it’s national nurses week.

One of the tenets of Laudio is CELEBRATION. Celebrating milestones or recognizing nurses for exemplary work can truly drive nurse engagement. If a frontline manager knows when a nurse on his or her team has an upcoming work anniversary, or earned a new credential, or floated to a new unit to help, or covered shifts for their colleagues  – the manager can act upon those insights and build engagement with their individual team members. It’s this type of engagement and communication that strengthens teams and builds employee satisfaction.

In addition to these insights focused on Celebration and recognition, additional intelligence is delivered to managers using data analytics and artificial intelligence related to Accountability, Risk of burnout, and Employee development. These four research-based elements comprise our CARE framework for engagement.

With technology, the process for gathering this information, sorting, benchmarking, cataloging, and acting upon it is made simple. In fact, by reducing administrative tasks by an average of 6 hours a week, it allows managers to spend nearly one day more interacting with their team. Nurses love Laudio.

And it’s making an impact. Just look at the improvement in engagement scores:

% increase in engagement scores April 2018 – April 2019

This month, we completed a before-and-after study of nurse engagement scores among hospital units whose managers used Laudio over a 9-month period. The April 2018 survey, before Laudio was launched, was compared to the results from the April 2019 survey, a year after the implementation. We tracked significant improvement in Likert scale scores in five of the related survey questions. With a 21% increase, the greatest impact was evident in the question: I am satisfied with the recognition I receive for doing a good job. Additional engagement scores improved on the subjects related to communication, respect, and collaboration.

Although an initial study, we feel strongly that this improvement in nurse engagement drove a correlated improvement in nurse turnover for the same units where we reported a 6% increase in retention.

The Takeway? Continue to celebrate nurses, recognize the hard work they accomplish, and support them when they need it.

The Result? Building teams that perform to their highest potential.

Let’s celebrate that!