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Nursing – A Team Sport – Part 1

I am a nurse. My clinical background includes six years as a bedside nurse in a medical intensive care unit at a huge, magnet-designated, academic medical center.  It was the highest level of care you can imagine ­- every therapy from ECMO to solid organ transplant, cutting-edge immunotherapies, really complex, high-risk surgeries. We handled all kinds of atypical illness presentations where a patient needs to be evaluated by providers that have “seen it all.”

Quinn Kostman, Customer Success Manager, Laudio – Jun 17, 2020

CHROs are in the Driver’s Seat to Shape the Future of Healthcare

I’ve had the opportunity to speak with more than a dozen Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) from large and small health systems across the country. And, one thing I heard repeatedly during each conversation was that the healthcare industry is at an inflection point and those systems that adapt quickly and create new sustainable structures and norms will survive and thrive post-COVID.

CJ Floros, COO, Laudio – Jun 10, 2020

Bridging the Management Gap – Workflows and Nudges

There is a management gap in healthcare. It can be partially solved by an interconnected system that has integrated employee profiles from multiple data sources. These profiles can be used to predict who is at risk and to suggest the next-best management action. This massively scales the impact of the manager and gives them the tools to make large teams feel small, while they are assisted by predictive analytics and machine learning. But that’s still not enough to close the gap.

Russ Richmond, Founder & CEO, Laudio – Jun 5, 2020

Bridging the Management Gap – Predicting Using Integrated Profiles

In this blog post, we will discuss how an integrated employee profile can drive better predictions.  And how better predictions can help close the management gap. 

Russ Richmond, Founder & CEO, Laudio – May 29, 2020

Bridging the Healthcare Management Gap: It Starts with a Profile

You might wonder how our 3-year old software is going to apply real torque to the management gap problem that has existed for decades?  The answer is that we understand human behavior as it applies to health systems.  We’ve spent thousands of hours in over 50 unique health systems. We are providers ourselves and we have backgrounds in risk analytics, nurse hiring and learning, marketing, and consumer applications.  All of these have been combined to create Laudio.

Russ Richmond, Founder & CEO, Laudio – May 20, 2020

The Healthcare Management Gap

The management gap in healthcare is a mile wide. It can be summarized quickly:  even though the objectives can be obvious, some metrics never improve (much). Or, more precisely, there is a gap in the translation of organizational priorities into individual management actions.  Since change requires action, this can leave health systems wooden and slow when they need to be nimble and fast. Most every health system has “fallen” into this gap when translating leadership priorities into frontline actions.

Russ Richmond, Founder & CEO, Laudio – May 13, 2020

Honoring Nurses Week

Laudio believes that every week should be Nurses Week. Why? Because nurses do an incredible job around the clock 365 days a year. It’s a job that is often unrecognized - until recently. 

I happen to have a unique perspective because my daughter is an ICU nurse and has been working the frontlines of the Covid19 crisis in her hospital. The COVID19 crisis has been stretching her and her colleagues in ways they could never imagine. 

Tom Hills, SVP, Laudio – May 11, 2020

A SOC 2 Journey Yields 2 Time-Saving Ideas for Hospital CIOs

Yesterday we announced our SOC 2 Type 2 Security Compliance Certification. As head of our analytics and customer success operations, I led the Laudio SOC 2 preparation and audit review process over the past year. In reflecting on what we learned, there were a couple of insights I wanted to share. They may be helpful in saving time for hospital CIOs who are on the other side of the table, vetting companies like ours for security and dependability.  

Tim Darling, Chief Analytics Officer, Laudio – May 8, 2020

The Handoff – Nurse Burnout: Russ Richmond, Founder & CEO of Laudio

The Handoff is a podcast by Trusted Health created to help healthcare leaders understand the biggest trends impacting the future of the industry - from flexible work to automation and everything in between.

In this episode of The Handoff, Dan Weberg, PhD, RN an author, provocateur, and the Head of Clinical Innovation at Trusted, speaks with Laudio Founder and CEO, Russ Richmond. Russ is a physician who left the bedside early on to pursue a career in entrepreneurship. He explains to Dan why he was drawn into solving the nurse burnout issue at the system level, yet still thinks of himself as a caregiver.

The Handoff by Trusted Health – May 6, 2020