Laudio Recognized in KLAS 2022 Emerging Solutions Top 20 Report

Preserving Integrity Amidst COVID-19

Dr. Cynda Rushton, international leader in nursing ethics and the Anne and George L. Bunting Professor of Clinical Ethics at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing discusses the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in today due to the COVID-19 crisis from an ethical perspective.

Apr 17, 2020

For Nurses Everywhere – A Message from the DAISY Foundation

Bonnie Barnes, Co-founder, and CEO of The DAISY Foundation recognizes and celebrates nurses everywhere during the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife. Hear her message of gratitude for the compassion and courage nurses around the globe have demonstrated amid the Covid19 crisis.

Apr 14, 2020


Events like COVID-19 can increase stress; thus, taking steps to proactively safeguard your and your colleague’s well-being to foster resilience is essential. 

Apr 7, 2020

Why Laudio – A Founder’s Story

It's a little over a year since I originally published this blog. In it, I discussed my personal story and how that became the catalyst for Laudio. Well, a lot can happen in a year. So, I'd like to take this opportunity to provide an update on what we've heard, experienced and, most importantly, the adoption of Laudio across health systems that has surpassed our expectations.

Russ Richmond, MD – Dec 10, 2019

Nurse leadership competency: Transition into practice

Today, Laudio welcomed special guest Jennifer L. Hargreaves DNP, RN, NE-BC, Senior Analyst Pathway to Excellence Program from the American Nurse Credentialing Center (ANCC) for our thought leadership webinar series to discuss:

Tom De Santes – Nov 13, 2019

Top 3 Insights From Chief Human Resources Officers

With a national nurse turnover rate exceeding 17%, staff retention continues to challenge nurse leadership. Fortunately, addressing the root cause of the problem is becoming a priority across health systems – a shared goal that spans leadership in Nursing as well as Human Resources.

Tom De Santes – Aug 19, 2019

How does Meaningful Recognition Relate to Transformational Leadership?

Whether it’s an executive order from the president of the U.S. or a policy change from your primary care physician, healthcare improvement is part of an expanding national conversation. And arguably, impactful change will only be achieved through strong leadership at every level.

Tom De Santes – Jun 27, 2019

National Nurses Week – Every Week at Laudio!

At Laudio, we love celebrating National Nurses Week 2019 (#nursesweek) and celebrating the profession we believe makes the most impact in healthcare delivery. But what we love even more is how our platform approaches every week like it’s national nurses week.

Tom De Santes – May 6, 2019

UNC REX Healthcare and Laudio Collaborate on Nurse Onboarding Technology

On our latest webinar, special guest Katie T. Pollara, MHA, SPHR Manager, Nursing Workforce Development & Strategy at UNC REX Healthcare outlined the organization's new nurse onboarding program and explained how Laudio's AI data integration helps managers engage more efficiently and effectively.

Tom De Santes – Apr 26, 2019