Laudio Recognized in KLAS 2022 Emerging Solutions Top 20 Report

Why Do Nurses Leave? A Research Study

Join our webinar on 2/26 2pm ET to review the results of the largest nurse retention study of its kind. We will explore the roots of nurse turnover and uncover the research-based benchmarks related to staff engagement opportunities.

Tom De Santes – Feb 22, 2019

Webinar: Preview 2019 Health Care Predictions

Last year’s predictions for the health care industry included global trends focused on workforce development, patient consumerism, and cost reduction, to list a few. Throughout 2018, we saw how the health care industry is being disrupted and reshaped by sector consolidation, new nontraditional competitors, and increasingly educated and demanding consumers.

Tom De Santes – Dec 13, 2018

Webinar: What’s a Staff Relationship Management Platform?

As 2018 comes to a close and healthcare leadership defines its priorities for the coming year, workforce development is topping the list across all U.S. health systems.

Tom De Santes – Nov 23, 2018

What nursing demographic is most at risk for churn?

Would you think that newly-hired nurses in their 40s are most likely to turnover in their first year?

Tom De Santes – Nov 12, 2018

Laudio Welcomes Industry Expert Mimi Ryan MSN, RN, NE-BC At Upcoming Webinar

In a recent study, Laudio reported that the span of control for a nurse manager can range from 40 to 220 with an average of 85 staff nurses. Unfortunately, additional research also indicated that the higher the span of control, the higher the team’s turnover rate. Among other issues, the result is staff burnout.

Sudeep Man Shrestha – Oct 22, 2018

Why Laudio? A Founder’s Story

I was lucky. After my near-fatal ski accident, I received excellent care during my 7-week stay that spanned three of the highest ranked hospitals in the country. But I could not shake the dissonance between the care I received and the engagement and satisfaction of the people delivering it. My caregivers were helping me, and I was truly grateful. From my perspective they were doing the most important job in the world. But as I got to know my team, I understood that they did not feel the same way about their jobs that I felt about them. They were burning out.

Russ Richmond – Oct 22, 2018

Laudio Reveals Healthcare’s First Staff Relationship Management Platform at TeleCon18

This week, Laudio, healthcare’s first staff relationship management platform designed to improve employee engagement and reduce staff burnout, is participating in TeleCon18 - TeleTracking Technologies, Inc., annual conference focused on solutions that improve the patient experience across the care continuum.

Tom De Santes – Oct 15, 2018

A Discussion with Dr. Ronald Riner

On September 26th, Dr. Ronald Riner, President of The Riner Group and a leading voice on healthcare transformation, was a special guest in our monthly thought leadership webinar series. Before introducing Laudio’s new Staff Relationship Management (SRM) platform, Dr. Riner provided his in-depth perspective on health care technology and its implementation in health systems.

Tom De Santes – Sep 27, 2018

Webinar with Dr. Ronald Riner: Disruption or Distraction?

According to a recent American Hospital Association survey of healthcare executives, one of the top six hospital priorities includes fostering innovation. Now consider that last year to fuel this innovation, digital health startups saw over $11.5 billion of capital poured into their businesses; a new annual record.

Tom De Santes – Sep 18, 2018