Why Do Nurses Leave? A Research Study

Tom De Santes | Feb 22, 2019

Join our webinar on 2/26 2pm ET to review the results of the largest nurse retention study of its kind. We will explore the roots of nurse turnover and uncover the research-based benchmarks related to staff engagement opportunities.

Webinar: Preview 2019 Health Care Predictions

Tom De Santes | Dec 13, 2018

Join our guest Kim Zeoli, Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP’s National Health Care Industry Practice, for an informative webinar, hosted by Laudio, featuring a preview of how these developments could further evolve in 2019 and drive dramatic change.

Webinar: What’s a Staff Relationship Management Platform?

Tom De Santes | Nov 23, 2018

Join Laudio's Chief Product Officer Mridul Ganesh for a 30 minute tour of Laudio, healthcare's first Staff Relationship Management platform developed to help health systems solve burnout and increase retention. Wednesday, November 28th 3pm ET, no cost.

What nursing demographic is most at risk for churn?

Tom De Santes | Nov 12, 2018

The Laudio analytics team released the results of its turnover research study. The largest study of its kind, the information is being used to address the risk of turnover in nursing populations.

Why Laudio? A Founder's Story

Russ Richmond | Oct 22, 2018

Laudio's Co-founder and CEO Russ Richmond explains why and how he built healthcare's first Staff Relationship Management platform.

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