Is My Staff Turnover An Issue? Research Study & Webinar

Tom De Santes | Aug 17, 2018

For chief nursing officers, nurse turnover has become a top priority that impacts all corners of the health system from patient safety to the bottom line. Current research tells us that the national nurse turnover rate is around 17% and replacing one nurse can cost around $60K.

Appreciating Appreciation: Driving Staff Engagement

Tom De Santes | Aug 10, 2018

Following generations that remained loyal to their company for 30+ years (complete with 6 weeks vacation and a healthy pension), it’s not uncommon for today’s employee, for example in the tech sector, to hop around every year.

How Artificial Intelligence is Improving Nurse Engagement

Tom De Santes | Jul 31, 2018

In our recent white paper, The Modern Nurse Manager, laudio published several validating findings about the role of nurse manager. In summary, it’s one of the most difficult jobs in healthcare.