Laudio Recognized in KLAS 2022 Emerging Solutions Top 20 Report

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Managing teams is changing.

Yet there’s a growing divide between the increasing demands of your role, and the disconnected tools you’re given to achieve success. Isn’t it time for a better way?

1 in 5

Frontline leaders say they are now considering leaving their field.



Anticipate a staffing shortage of frontline healthcare workers in the near future.

90 percent

1 in 2

Employees quit because they don’t feel valued, or feel no sense of belonging.

1 in 2


Impact on operating margins is due to workforce-related issues alone.

15 20 percent
Source: AONL COVID-19 Longitudinal Study August 2021 Report
Source: De Smet, Dowling, Mugayar-Baldocchi, Schaninger, ‘Great Attrition’ or ‘Great Attraction’? The choice is yours, McKinsey

Remove the burden and guesswork - with Laudio

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Improve Efficiency

Time is of the essence in any workplace, but especially in healthcare. Frontline healthcare leaders are responsible for juggling multiple competing priorities, so finding ways to optimize and save time is critical.

Laudio Product Highlight
  • Streamline multiple internal data systems into one single solution, including HRIS, time & attendance, and scheduling.
  • Save time with customized department-specific workflows and process improvements that drive easy actions for recognition, employee and patient rounding, mandatories, and more.
  • Use AI-driven “eyes and ears” built just for frontline leaders – with automated recommendations for recognition, celebration, check-ins.
  • Use simple yet sophisticated data-driven visuals to easily identify trends impacting your teams.

Boost Engagement

Real-time personal interactions go a long way to keeping teams engaged and motivated, but finding ways to meaningfully connect with every team member on a regular basis takes up time that just isn’t available — unless you have Laudio.

Laudio Product Highlight
  • Leverage organizational management best practice recommendations to improve engagement, recognition, burnout and more.
  • Build high performing teams by identifying and supporting career development opportunities for your staff.
  • Pre-crafted messages allow you to easily act and meaningfully engage with every individual on your team in a systematic way.
  • Tackle high priority items first with daily tasks organized by the level of impact the interaction is likely to have on reducing burnout and improving satisfaction scores.
  • Share patient rounding and audit results instantly enhancing opportunities to recognize and coach your team.

Drive Alignment

High performing individuals are great, but how can you ensure first-rate performance across every department in your organization? Laudio helps scale high performance by systematizing best practices and highlighting collaboration opportunities that elevate how your teams function.

Laudio Product Highlight
  • Drive alignment from CXO down to the frontline with impactful senior leader views and engagement tools.
  • Consistently execute organizational best practices like new hire check ins, employee and patient rounding, stay interviews, peer feedback, and audits.
  • Promote collaboration across your organization with cross-team acknowledgement and service recovery opportunities.
  • Enhance and streamline patient rounding and audits via best practice surveys and forms accessible by anyone in the organization.

Widen Your View

Get a panoramic view of your organization with detailed insights at the individual level, the team level, and the department level. Then, take action based on automated insights that are personalized to every individual within your organization.

Laudio Product Highlight
  • Learn about your workforces’ sentiments, behaviors, and actions in one digestible view.
  • Get department-specific insights and recommendations from data continuously analyzed across systems.
  • View detailed individual profiles, including unique risk profiles for burnout, based on multiple data sources and real-time actions.
  • Monitor variation in performance across locations and stay aligned with organizational objectives.

Experience a new kind of ease with Laudio

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It only takes one meaningful one-to-one interaction through Laudio per month between frontline manager and team member to reduce turnover by 36%.

"Laudio takes the data from our core systems and makes it actionable for our frontline leaders. We now have insight into the metrics that allow us to systematically impact staff engagement, satisfaction, and quality and safety."

lauren schmid
Lauren Schmid

Executive Vice President, 
Chief Human Resources Officer, 
Carle Health

Laudio constantly monitors team activity and performance and helps you take actions to meaningfully connect, improve, and reduce risk of turnover. It’s what we do so you don’t have to. Ready to do this together?