Laudio to Exhibit at 2019 AONE Conference in San Diego

Russ Richmond | Mar 7, 2019

Laudio will have a booth and be arranging meetings with current and future clients at the 2019 AONE conference in San Diego from April 10-13.  If you would like to talk with current Laudio clients about their experience on the platform please reach out to Tom Hills at to arrange a convenient time.  See you in San Diego!

About Laudio

Laudio transforms managers into exceptional leaders. Developed to reduce employee burnout, Laudio helps frontline managers make more frequent, timely, and relevant interactions with each staff member. The Laudio platform also digitizes workflows to save the manager time and to drive best practices across teams, which results in stronger staff engagement, satisfaction, and retention. Laudio drives superior culture while allowing health systems to generate >15:1 ROI by retaining staff and avoiding replacement costs, contract labor, and overtime expense. For more information, please visit

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