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Laudio uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help the manager be more effective. This happens in the background, and most managers simply discover powerful management suggestions every time they use Laudio. We believe that using AI to support positive outreach and culture is an appropriate and compassionate use of this technology.


Laudio utilizes existing data sources to predict each staff member’s risk of turnover. Importantly, Laudio is not a predictive science report. Laudio takes this information and translates it into management actions that any manager can implement with one or two clicks.


Laudio communicates uniquely and individually to each staff member, based on their communication preferences, their demography, and their needs. This could be via email, text, in-person meetings or other communication pathways. Staff can set their preferences, and this maximizes the probability of engagement.

Laudio is the world's first Staff Relationship Management platform.

Laudio reduces healthcare staff burnout by helping frontline managers make more frequent, relevant, and timely interactions with each staff member.

The Laudio platform also digitizes workflows to save the manager time and to drive best practices across teams and to build stronger staff engagement, satisfaction, and retention. Laudio drives superior culture while allowing health systems to generate >11:1 ROI by retaining staff and avoiding replacement costs, contract labor, and overtime expense.

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