Laudio Recognized in KLAS 2022 Emerging Solutions Top 20 Report

Laudio for Health Systems

Complex technology that simplifies the job of the frontline leader

Laudio is built with AI, predictive science, and hyper-personalization. We have harnessed the most innovative technologies of today and leveraged the collective wisdom of hundreds of leaders to bring Laudio to life. We deliver a unified platform that improves engagement, productivity, quality, and safety across health systems.

The Innovation of the Laudio Platform

We integrate existing administrative data sources to create workforce intelligence that detects turnover risk and identifies opportunities for real employee engagement that improves job satisfaction. It is a hyper-personalized approach to collaboration and communication among managers and their team members. The result – an easy-to-use application that gives leaders the right action at the right time with the right person.

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AI-Driven Technology

Laudio uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help the frontline manager be more effective. AI technology works in the background, and most managers simply discover powerful management suggestions every time they use Laudio.

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Predictive Data Science

Laudio uses its rich workforce intelligence database to predict each staff member’s risk of turnover. Laudio takes action on identified risk, and selects the best management action based on leadership best practices. It uses the resulting outcomes to continue to improve cause and reaction triggers.

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Laudio communicates uniquely and individually with each staff member based on their communication preferences, their past interactions, their own activities, and their needs. Staff dictate their preferences – email, text, in-person meetings or other communication pathways – which maximizes the probability of engagement.

Best Practices Bring Technology to Life

Leadership Best Practices

Laudio has captured decades of leadership best practices from hundreds of exceptional healthcare leaders. Suggestions for frontline managers and leaders are evidence-based and tailored to the individual.

Integrated Workforce Intelligence

Laudio aggregates the health system’s administrative data to streamline the frontline manager’s work. This aggregated data is constantly analyzed, using intelligence from Laudio’s workforce knowledge base – the largest of its kind – to detect engagement opportunities in real time.

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Get more from your investment.

Laudio leverages Workforce Dimensions data and brings it all together so you can take the right action at the right time. We enhance your existing data and give you insights that help you:

“The Laudio platform gives me insight into each of my team members. It gives me the right tools for each situation, at the right time.”

– Nurse Manager, Large Academic Hospital


A user-friendly solution that improves employee engagement, retention, and patient satisfaction.

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See How it Works

See how Laudio is enabling the healthcare frontline manager to lead with excellence in today’s challenging environment of care - impacting quality, safety, and patient satisfaction.