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CHRO Connections: How to Make Data Meaningful + Actionable

As leaders today, we’re fortunate to have a plethora of solutions and data at our fingertips – all aimed at helping us set, operationalize and track toward our goals. So what’s still missing? Connections.

You’re invited to join our live webinar with forward-thinker Darren Walker, co-founder of SoundMind Leadership and experienced senior executive with 20-years on the front lines of large health organizations. In a chat with Laudio’s CJ Floros, Darren will help us explore how to leverage data to maximize the value out of your technology and better engage and connect with your people. As Darren puts it, “Being data rich and analysis poor does not necessarily help today’s leaders be more effective in their daily lives. It adds complexity, frustration, and paralysis. Today’s leader needs data on-demand that provides solutions, not a complex problem to solve.” Join Darren and CJ as we dig deeper into what it means to develop this solution-centric mindset in our product- and data-rich world.

  • How can leaders leverage real-time data to help develop daily habits that can drive better connections and understanding?
  • How can leaders leverage technology and data to find actionable and real-time insights? How does this compare to what leaders have been doing?
  • With engagement, efficiency and people goals to achieve, how can leaders adapt their approach (with and without technology) to stay connected in an easier, better way?

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