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Real Employee Engagement

Build sustainable engagement across your health system

Surveys Alone Don't Work. Increase Staff Engagement through Personalized Experiences

Staff engagement plays a major role in key metrics within health systems. It’s the foundation of operational excellence, clinical quality, and patient satisfaction. Laudio gives health systems a systematic approach to create real employee engagement through more effective feedback and communication in a personalized and timely way.

Real Employee Engagement

Frontline managers hold the key to real engagement. Laudio puts them in the driver’s seat. We give your managers the ability to connect with their team in a personalized, relevant, and timely manner. We help you overcome the challenges of large teams and growing spans of control to more easily connect with individuals and build real emotional engagement across the team and within your organization.

Real Engagement
Sustainable Results

Sustainable Results

Laudio leverages the data you already collect from surveys, mandatories, and other tools and makes it useful in real time. We remove barriers and eliminate routine manual tasks – no more sticky notes, no more siloed systems. Laudio gives managers the tools they need to simplify their work and have an impact on their team’s day-to-day lives. Help your frontline managers focus on what really matters – supporting their teams.

Actionable Insights

Laudio delivers timely, actionable insights that drive results. Key interactions are prioritized to make it easier for managers to consistently deliver meaningful recognition, have more coaching conversations, and follow-up on tasks. Laudio helps your managers increase team engagement and build trust.

Actionable Insights
Support Where It Matters Most 1

Support Where it Matters Most

Help managers focus their support on team members who need it most with Laudio. Our platform leverages HRIS, Time and Attendance, and other data sources to predict burnout and turnover risk. Managers gain a comprehensive profile that provides context on challenges, work schedules, and team interactions. Most importantly, we give managers the power to take action – proactively.

"One of my nurse assistants precepted for the first time and Laudio picked it up. She was so thankful that I had noticed, and that I was checking in on how she was doing!"



Intelligent. Human. Engagement.

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