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Meaningful Employee Recognition

Take action - right time, right place, right person

Celebrate Team Members and Gain More Meaningful Interactions

Timely, meaningful employee recognition is a critical part of team engagement. But it can be challenging trying to consistently celebrate team members, identify who to recognize, and then track recognition actions. Laudio helps managers seamlessly make recognition a part of their everyday workflow and have a positive impact

More Opportunities for Meaningful Employee Recognition

Laudio makes it easy for frontline managers to consistently recognize and celebrate team members. Our platform identifies opportunities and delivers specific, personalized recommendations based on the preferences of the individual. Laudio also enables managers to recognize staff who are not part of their team. We automatically notify their managers and update their profile so the information is readily accessible. With Laudio, your organization gains better visibility and reporting for tracking the impact of your programs.

More Opportunities for Recognition
A flexible Personalized Messages Delivery

Flexible, Personalized Messages and Delivery

Choose from our library of templated messages and e-Cards to more easily engage your team. We’ve created more than 100 e-Cards that your managers can access and send with the click of a button. Laudio also gives managers the flexibility to create their own templates and messaging to align with organizational standards. Send celebratory messages with greater impact by sending information according to each team members preferences – email or text.

Simple, Systematic Program

Laudio gives you the ability to drive management practice consistency across your organization. We give you a unified management platform to operationalize your HR recognition and celebration strategy. Our platform aggregates and organizes information on each team member to deliver a comprehensive view of their profile. We make recommendations and present observations that are data driven so managers can more easily have meaningful interactions with their teams.

Simple Systematic Program

"With Laudio, I can scan through my staff to make sure that, over time, I have meaningful interactions with everyone – even if it’s not for a specific reason. I couldn’t do that before, and it makes a huge difference."



Improve job satisfaction, reduce burnout, and have a positive impact.

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See How it Works

See how Laudio delivers a systematic approach to meaningful employee recognition and celebration.

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