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Standardized Leadership Best Practices

Gain alignment across the organization

Consistency and Coordination of Leadership Standards Improve Day-to-Day Workflow

Health systems spend significant time and money on training and education for frontline managers. But how can you implement a scalable model if your management practices are fragmented? Laudio gives you a platform to develop and standardize leadership best practices by organizing your core workflows.

Meaningful Data

Laudio leverages your existing data sources – time and attendance, payroll, scheduling, and management review systems. We aggregate this information into easy-to-access insights on each of your team members. You gain the power to make data-driven decisions for recognition, retention, accountability, rounding, employee development, and more – in real time. We integrate with most common applications across these functions.

Evidence Based Best Practices 1

Evidence-Based Leadership Best Practices

Laudio enables you to standardize the way individuals and teams work across the organization. The platform delivers evidence-based leadership best practices that are scientifically proven to increase efficiency, improve job satisfaction and reduce burnout. Laudio ensures that all managers have an easily accessible standardized set of steps and processes to simplify their day-to-day work.

Leadership Playbook

Laudio allows you to standardize a framework that enables managers to structure their work. We’ve developed workflows for routine activities such as recognition, time and attendance management, rounding, and more. We make it easy for managers to better organize, track activities, and have meaningful conversations. Laudio gives you the tools you need to focus on what’s most important – supporting your team for better engagement.

Leadership Playbook
Strategic Priorities Alignment

Strategic Priorities Alignment

Gain consistency and alignment across your strategic priorities with Laudio. We give you a communication and collaboration platform that enables you to define your unique organizational standards and expectations for leadership – behaviors, best practices, and reporting. Laudio helps you improve coordination, implementation, and measurement of your key initiatives across the organization.

“I carve out time everyday for my rounds, huddles, and Laudio. The feedback I get from my team sounds like, "Thank you for the note. It makes me feel good."



Build consistency with standardized leadership best practices.

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See how Management Enablement is enabling the healthcare frontline manager to lead with excellence in today’s challenging environment of care – impacting quality, safety, and patient satisfaction.

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