Laudio Recognized in KLAS 2022 Emerging Solutions Top 20 Report

Management Enablement

Support frontline leaders with a unified management platform

Key Capabilities that Equip Managers to be Exceptional Leaders

Your frontline managers are stretched thin. They manage large teams without a unified platform to track, manage, and prioritize actions. Often they are put in leadership positions with minimal training on how to be effective. Laudio delivers management enablement and leadership best practices. We give your managers a structured approach with the tools they need, when they need them.

Multi-Layer Management Collaboration

Laudio’s systematic leadership best practices promote consistency in management excellence across the health system. Collaborative communication and suggested messaging strengthen the team experience, and support the growth of your critical frontline managers. Reporting, measurement, and benchmarks associated with management practices allow an environment of shared learning and continuous improvement.

Multi Layer Management Collaboration
Real Time Connection

Real-Time Connection

We enable managers to take action “in the moment,” engaging with the right people at the right time and the right message. The AI-driven platform identifies opportunities for engagement and notifies managers with a prompted message. Laudio also identifies the location of the team member making it easier to have conversations. We help managers increase the opportunity for meaningful, individualized interactions across their teams.

Personalized Prioritized Insights

Managers have easy-to-see information on individual team members – straightforward and unambiguous so they understand the key engagement opportunities across their team. Laudio prioritizes and suggests interactions while allowing the manager to be in control.

Personalize Prioritized Insights
Automated Workflows for Action

Automated Workflows for Action

Laudio’s automated workflows queue up engagement opportunities to make it easy for managers to take action among all their other responsibilities. Removing manual processes and eliminating the need to search across systems, Laudio saves managers time. Aggregated information and integrated reporting help the manager understand the context of each situation, so they can take the appropriate action quickly.

"Laudio has closed the gap that exists in healthcare technology. Their platform takes the data from our core systems and makes it actionable for our frontline leaders. We now have insight into the metrics that allow us to systematically impact staff engagement, satisfaction, and quality and safety."


Empower your frontline managers and transform your environment of care.

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