Employee Retention

Employee Retention

Reduce burnout and turnover risk through personalized staff engagement

Retaining Your Talent Creates a Healthier Culture and Saves Time and Money

Employee retention is a major issue for health systems, straining already under-resourced teams. Laudio enables you to have more meaningful engagement with your team, driven by our unique workforce intelligence and research. Timely and relevant interactions at the front line can significantly reduce turnover, which in turn saves the HR costs associated with replacement. At the same time, a team that stays together creates a healthier workplace.

Proven, Data-driven Reduction in Turnover

Health systems using Laudio are seeing up to a five percent reduction in turnover. We’ve built one of the largest repositories of turnover data from 20 hospitals, and combined it with research across academic experts and exemplary managers. That dataset allows us to identify specific employee behaviors, such as floating excessively or working more holidays than peers, that are highly correlated to attrition. We identify specific employee risk and suggest mitigation measures in real time.

  • Largest workforce intelligence dataset available

  • Identification of risk factors in real time

  • Suggested risk mitigation actions that make a difference


Integrated Data for Better Insight

Laudio aggregates data from your human resource and time & attendance systems to give you a comprehensive view of each team member. We compare that data against our workforce intelligence system to gain predictive insights, surfacing turnover risk for each team member in your health system.

  • Unique risk profiles for each team member

  • Personalized actions that are relevant and meaningful for the employee

  • Total insight across administrative data to reduce time

Attention Where it Matters Most

Managers have easy access to a visual display of their entire team. Laudio highlights team members who are at risk and provides prioritized, personalized recommendations for individuals that need it most.

  • Visual dashboard of team risk profile

  • Prioritized list of management actions

  • Quick view of team risk levels

One-on-One Coaching and Support

Laudio gives you all of the information you need at your fingertips to review individual profiles and take recommended action. We enable you to see who is on the floor so you can have face-to-face coaching conversations. Make notes that are saved in staff profiles to easily follow-up and create tasks that notify you when it’s time to reconnect. We make it easy to better support each individual team member.

  • Management intelligence at your fingertips

  • Real-time location tracking to expedite management conversations

  • Task tracking for follow up

Workflows to Simplify Processes

Laudio provides automated workflows to not only guide mangers with leadership best practices, but to take action using pre-defined responses and templates. From email templates with auto-populated responses to recommended location and timing for conversations, Laudio makes it faster and easier to be a great manager.

  • Suggested leadership best practice approaches

  • Pre-populated email templates and responses

  • Suggested timing and locations for employee conversations

"I love the recommendations on missed breaks. We reviewed the data, and saw that we were spending almost 2 FTE overtime because of missed breaks."



Engage with each team member in a more meaningful way.

  • Visual dashboard for your entire team

  • Aggregated system data saves time searching for information

  • Prioritized list of actions based on risk profiles

  • Real time location tracking to expedite face-to-face conversations

  • Pre-populated email templates for consistent communication

  • Task tracking for follow-up action items and faster resolution

  • e-Card templates that show you care

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