Laudio Recognized in KLAS 2022 Emerging Solutions Top 20 Report


February 26 2pm ET

Nurse retention has consistently been a top leadership priority for US health systems and burnout is an increasingly prioritized topic across all roles in the enterprise. To shed some light on the causes and solutions, Laudio has conducted one of the largest data-driven research studies of its kind to answer:

• How much do operational events (e.g. working inconsistent shifts and with inconsistent people) increase turnover?

• How do tardiness and late clock out trends affect turnover?

• What is the impact of identifying and providing leadership opportunities to your team?

Join Laudio’s Senior Clinical Advisor Dana Obos, an experienced Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Quality Officer and Chief Operating Officer, to review the study results with Laudio’s Chief Analytics Officer Tim Darling. Together they will explore the data and discuss the financial impact that each contributes to the retention costs for the health system.

The specific results will help leaders to better understand where they can proactively manage the root of their turnover, increase the engagement of their nurses, and realize revolutionary cost savings for their health system.

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